Monday, March 2, 2015

Transfer, Not

So the long awaited transfer came and I am staying and my companion, Elder Mendes, is as well.  I think my mission is to learn patience because I really spend a lot of time in my areas and with the same companion.  Not that I am saying that my companions are annoying because I have always had luck with that but four months with the same person 24/7 is a lot.  The other missionaries that were serving in the same ward were transferred and now it will just be us in the ward so our area just about doubled in size.  That'll be fun. 
In other news, we had a baptism.  Germina was finally baptized.  She was going to be baptized about 2 months ago but didn't feel ready, so we asked her what day she would like to be baptized and she said February 28th.  So we waited.  Her husband, who is a member of the church but only came back to the church since we found him in December, baptized her.  So that was really pretty awesome.  They have a baby daughter and are an awesome family.  They are the kind of people who know what they want to do and do it.  It was really a pleasure to see the difference the gospel is making in their lives.  Since we met them, they have only missed one sacrament meeting.  That is pretty cool. 
So it was a good week.  I love you all. 

Elder Russell 

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