Monday, March 16, 2015

Three Weeks of Baptisms

So we managed to baptize for a third week in a row.  Things are going well.  And there is more in the forecast it looks like. But that’s enough with GH.  GH stands for Gloria dos Homens (glory of men)  which is what we say when missionaries start to brag. I am not really bragging though.  I am just really happy about how things are going.
This week a man named Antonio Carlos was baptized.  He is pretty funny.  He is married to a woman who is a member.  She decided to start going to church a little while ago.  They were going to the Jehovah's Witnesses before that but decided to stop with that and come back to church. He decided to go with her and decided that he wanted to be baptized.  So he was.  It is kind of funny, he is a very nice man but when we were trying to fill out the form with all the information for his record in the church, he couldn't remember which year he was born, the birthday of his daughter, or the day he was married.  Age gets to you sometimes.

Other than that, the week was good.  However, the economy of Brazil is absolutely horrible.  The real has passed three to the dollar and there is no sign that it will stop falling.  Inflation is so high right now that it’s starting to be a problem for everyone.  If I understand it all correctly, the real has lost about 50% of its value in about 6 months.  There was some scuttlebutt that there was going to be a protest in all of Brazil to try and impeach the President. I was not excited about that.  My feelings have nothing to do with politics.  It is just that if there is a public demonstration, we missionaries have to stay in our houses which is never fun.  But thankfully nothing happened in Franca.  The city isn’t really that big after all by Brazilian standards.
Next week I think will be even better than this one.  I love you all and hope you all have a good week!

Elder Russell

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