Saturday, March 28, 2015

Missão Brasil Ribeirão Preto: The Office Edition

         So I am now the executive secretary of the mission.  Last Thursday I got a call from the Mission President telling me that I was being transferred to Ribeirão Preto to work in the mission office and that I had to leave that day.  It was a bit sad because usually there is time to say goodbye to everyone when you leave an area but this time there wasn't.  I got the call at 2:00 in the afternoon and I left Franca at about 6:00.  That was a bit fast since I had to go back to our apartment, pack up all of my stuff and catch a bus all in four hours.  It was all really very fast.  I am still not completely in reality.
         My day will now go like this: I will do scripture studies as normal and then after that I will start my day in the mission office organizing stuff and doing what the president needs done until 6:00.  After that I will go and do missionary work. All of that is if there isn't any emergency.  When the president calls and says that something has to be done we have to go and do it.  Missionary work is now my secondary priority.  It’s a little bit strange to tell you the truth. My whole mission has been basically the same thing every day.  Sure, the people you are teaching are always different and where you go is often different but in the end it’s the same routine. You are always hearing that you should be doing certain things and all of the sudden all of that doesn't apply to me anymore.  It’s really strange.
         But I am excited.  There are some cool sides to it.  I won't have to walk as much now but I never really had a problem with walking.  Avoiding the heat is cool as well.  But there are lots of things that I will miss like teaching and talking to people and seeing new places and working with members.  I will still do all of the good stuff except with less focus.  But I know that I went to the mission not just to find people who want to hear me, or not just to teach those people and not even just to baptize them.  I came to do what God wants me to and if right now God wants me to be filling out excel sheets and booking travel for people and all that “officy” stuff, then I will do it.  Right from the beginning my mission call said that the mission president could modify my call as he needed, well now he did it.
          My new companion is Elder Aragão from Fortaleza, Brazil.  I am also with Elder O'Connor until the end of the transfer.  He will be training me on all the office stuff that I have to do since I will be taking his place.  I like them all quite a bit.
          I hope you all have a wonderful day. I love you all! 
Elder Russell

P.S.  My P-day is now Saturday... that is if the mission president doesn't have anything for us to do on Saturday.  If that is not the case our P-day is a different day.

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