Monday, February 23, 2015


Miracles are a thing that is really weird.  I believe that many people would define a miracle as something that defies the laws of science.  Moses parting the Red Sea certainly defies the laws of science as we know them.  But I don't really believe that something that defies the laws of science is a good definition of a miracle.  And if science laws really are what governs the universe, God would have to obey these laws as well since he is perfect and just. If God broke a law of science he would cease to be God. Therefore, I am forced to conclude that our comprehension of science is limited.  God uses the laws of science to complete his work.  It is us that don't understand the laws yet.
I believe that miracle is a word to describe an evidence that we see in our life of God's existence. So miracles happen every day if we let them.  I have learned more and more that nothing happens just because. Everything has a purpose.  But if we don't see the hand of God in our lives, we choose to not have miracles happen.  This is all a bit of brain storming, but it is where I've gotten up until now.
This week was pretty cool because we had two people that we invited in the street to come to church, come to church.  It is hard to get the people that we know to go to church, and this time two people we didn't really know, came.  It was really cool.  One of them came mostly because she knows some people who are Mormons and she wanted to know what made them so happy.  So if you are Mormon and want to be a good example, be happy.
I love you all.  I had a good week! I hope you all do too.

Elder Russell

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