Monday, February 9, 2015

It Was A Wet Week!

So it has been raining a lot and Elder Mendes and I seem to have the worst luck with rain.  When we are in people's houses, it is not raining.  When we are in the street, it is.  We have gotten quite wet this week, several times.  But this is all good because it is supposed to be raining this time of year in Franca and things get really messy when it doesn't rain.  A semi-tropical region, where I am, is very dependent on the rain. 
To tell you the truth this was one of our worst weeks in quite a while in terms of how many lessons we taught.  That was because we turned into pseudo-private investigators this week.  We have been teaching a girl named Karollayne who has wanted to be baptized for a very long time but because she is only 14, her parents have to sign a form giving her permission.  But here is the catch, she doesn't live with her parents.  She lives with her Great Grandmother who is not her legal guardian so she couldn't sign for her.  Her Mom lives on the other side of the city, out of our area, and we didn't even know if she had legal guardianship anymore.  And Her Dad was a bit difficult to find.  So basically, we spent two to three hours every day this week trying to get this form signed. There were a lot of miracles that happened and in the end, Friday night, her Dad was found and he was convinced to sign and she was baptized on Saturday.  It is really awesome to see her faith.  Her family is not really in favor of her being baptized.  Actually, opinion varied greatly between the different relatives.  Yet in the end she did what she knew was right.  I am really grateful to have gotten to see this miracle happen.
I love you all!  Have a good week!

Elder Russell

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