Saturday, August 8, 2015

Transfers Again

So I will have to retract two statements that I have made to you earlier.  The first one is that I will be leaving the office next Monday to be a zone leader... that is not true anymore.  The other is that I am done with assistant stuff since I had finished those trainings I had to do.  These two statements will have to be retracted because on Monday the mission told me that I am now an assistant to the president.  For those of you who are not familiar with mission hierarchy, every mission has two (or rarely sometimes more) assistants to the president.  As the title suggests, we assist the president directly. The mission is very organized with every missionary having a leader to whom he reports with titles that have been mentioned like district leaders who report to zone leaders. The zone leaders however, report to the assistants, who report directly to the mission president.  So I just skipped the whole zone leader thing. I hope that isn't a problem.
It was kind of funny.  The office people just went into a meeting with the president and he told the other assistant (we had only one for about a week) that he and the other assistant would do something. He was confused and asked, “Who is the other assistant?”
And president just said," Oh you don't know?  Elder Russell is the new assistant." And that is how he announced it to me.  Sometimes he is funny.
He also told me afterwards that he has known since I was seven months into my mission.  It would have been nice if he had told me earlier because a lot of stuff would have made sense.  But I am excited about all this.  I think this new assignment will give me many opportunities to better myself and keep working until the end.  
I love you all!  

Elder Russell

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