Saturday, August 29, 2015


So I have entered in the last two months of my mission.  I have decided to talk a little bit about the stuff I learned on the mission.  I know that I still have time until my mission is over, but I have only a few emails to send and I have lots of stuff to write so I will begin now. 
The first thing that I learned is the power of a smile.  I know that sounds really cheesy but it is true.  I am not a naturally smiley person which is not helped by the fact that my facial structure naturally looks like I am frowning. I never worried much about that.  But I have learned that if you want to talk to someone, the conversation already is going to be different if you are smiling before you've said anything.  I have talked to literally thousands of people here and a lot of them didn't really want to talk to me, but if I was smiling a lot of times they smiled back without thinking.  When I see people on the street, sometimes I imagine them smiling and realize that people really are a lot better looking if they just smile. You also just feel a lot better if you smile.  "Fake it till you make it" is real.  If you smile you will be happy.  You don't have to be happy to smile.  I guess this post was really cheesy like I said, but sometimes cheesy things are true and we are just too cynical to admit it.
Well I hope you all have a good week! I love you all!

Elder Russell

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