Monday, August 24, 2015

Busy Week

      So this week was a bit busy.  Last Wednesday early in the morning we got on a Bus to Rio Preto and then we divided and I went and worked with one companionship of Zone leaders and my companion went to work the day with another.  The day was nice.  I ate a lot of cake; it seemed like everyone offered food.  Then Thursday we went to Birigui and we divided with the zone leaders there.  Birigui is a funny city.  There are lots of busineses with the names like birimoda (moda means fashion) and biripaes (paes means loaves of bread) and other such biri-things.  Hence we have nicknamed the zone of missionaries, "biri-zona."  Then at night we ate the biriguizao which is a sandwich that is huge as the picture shows.  It was nice since my whole mission the fame of the biriguizao has been heard and now I finally had a chance to eat one.  It was quite big. 
       Then Friday we went to Aracatuba to give a training and Friday we went back to Birigui to also give a training.  Then we got on a bus at midnight to come back to Ribeirao Preto.  We got here at 5 am, went home and slept till 6:30 am, and then got up and went to church.  It was a long week but it was quite fun and included a lot of eating.
        My Mother reminded me that I have to talk about the baptism picture.  So her name is Tatiane.  She has been going to church for months and Elder Lisot had even stopped teaching her before I got here because she didn't want to get baptized.  Then she was in sacrament meeting and just felt that she wanted to get baptized and so she was.  I guess everyone has their moment.  It isn't good to rush it.  It also isn't good to just let it go.  But it isn't good to worry about other people's choices when you can't control what they are doing.
        So I hope you have all have a good week!  I love you all!
Elder Russell 

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