Monday, February 24, 2014

Transfers. . .But not me

           Transfers came and I am staying in Votuporanga with Elder De Oliveira.  We had a bit of a crazy week. But it was good overall.  For one thing, a couple we have been teaching are going to get married on the 8th which is pretty awesome and hopefully they are going to get baptized the following week. We are pretty excited for that since she has been going to church for 14 years but was never baptized for one reason or another. It is really awesome that she is going to make this step in her life.  
Other things in Votuporanga remain the same.  It is still hot but it has rained a lot more the last two weeks.  Carnival starts next Sunday and supposedly Votuporanga has one of the craziest carnivals in the State of São Paulo.  It will be an experience for sure.  Probably we won't be able to get a whole lot done next week, but I guess that is life.  People here are much more excited about the World Cup coming up this summer than they are for the Winter Olympics that are happening right now.  But I guess it stands to reason that Brazilians really don't care that much about the Winter Olympics.  It’s not even winter here.  
Things seem to be going kind of crazy in the world but maybe that is only because I didn't see the build up.  A lot of the younger people in Brazil don't like America very much.  The whole spying thing didn't help.  And the fact that Americans just seem to have more money than Brazilians and on average things are cheaper in America, well some things.  For example American products are way more expensive here.  Like a Big Mac meal is about $10. But it’s not really a problem.  I haven't met anyone who was against me personally.  
I hope you are all having wonderful lives back in the US of A.  I love you all.

Elder Russell

My District

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