Monday, March 3, 2014


        Hello everyone!  This week I want to tell you that one of the awesome things about being a missionary is that you get to meet very interesting people.  We have fallen into a web of very interesting people here in Votuporanga.  At the middle of it is a lady who for the sake of the story we will call Anne.  That is not her name but let's keep things annoymous.  Anne is the mother of an inactive member we have been visiting and she also likes to talk to the missionaries.  She is very intelligent and curious but she is a little bit crazy.  I should tell you that she believes that "Jehovah" is on the moon studying the materials there.  That just kind of explains the kind of things Anne believes.  She isn't really interested in being baptized but we visit her because she gives us the names of lots of people we can try and visit.  But these people are usually pretty weird too.  We met a guy who she referred us to who owns a furniture store with an amazing collection of antiques on the floor above.  He has a degree in law, and is a very well known member of the community here in Votuporanga.  He is also the member of a group who study alien landings.  He is a little strange.  
        Then there was another person we met who told us that we couldn't come in because he was busy doing a spiritual initiation.  However, other people that she has referred have been awesome and either way it keeps things interesting.
        This weekend we will probably have three baptisms and a wedding all on the same day.  A couple is going to get married and then baptized and then another lady will get baptized the same day.  Its going to be a crazy Saturday but it will be super awesome!
     The cold weather sounds really nice.  We were talking with a woman this week who said that one time in Votuporanga it got really cold.  It was like 40 degrees.  That was like 20 years ago and she still remembers.  I wouldn't mind some cold right now. 
        I hope you all have a great week!  I love you all!
Elder Russell

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