Monday, February 10, 2014

It's a Baptism

Elder Russell viewing Ribeirao Preto

Hello everyone! 

This week was pretty awesome! Mostly because we had a baptism! His name is Rafael.  This was the first baptism in Votuporanga for 4 months; which is too long, I would say.  The Baptism was right after sacrament meeting which was good because basically the entire branch was there. After that the entire branch went to a member’s home for lunch (which is the principal meal of the day here) so it was kind of like a party for the baptism.  

Other than that this week has been kind of a blur.  It is strange.  I have been here long enough that I no longer can exactly pick out what happened every P-day or on every Sunday.  It’s been four weeks and already it is like forever.  But at the same time, it is scary how much of my mission is already gone.  Almost a tenth of my mission is over.  I feel like I just got here which I guess I did, but its still a little scary.  

It is quite hot here as you may have seen.  It has been above 35 Celsius most everyday but eventually it will cool down I am sure. [Do you think Elder Russell is appreciating those white short sleeve shirts, yet?]  Things continue as normal. Portuguese is getting easier.  I can pretty much understand what people say now even if I don't know what all the words mean.  It is amazing, thinking back on it, how much I have learned already. I am nowhere near fluent but I am beginning to be able to pick out words in chatter from people who aren't even talking to me.  I am getting there.  

I hope everyone is having a good life. I love you all!

Elder Russell

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