Monday, February 3, 2014

From Votuporanga

Hello everyone!  For the first time in this transfer we were able to basically spend the entire time in our area!  Which was good because our area needs to be worked in, but I guess all areas do.  It turns out our area is not one city but it is actually four... or so. There is Votuporanga, Fernandopolis, and Perdreandopolis, and at least one more I forgot and the names of those last two I probably completely spelt wrong.  But it is really difficult to work in the other cities because it is a 30 minute bus ride to Fernandopolis and there isn't even a bus to the others.  But we are trying to work in them as well and that is difficult.

Overall things are starting to look up in the work.  We almost had a baptism this week. However, at the last minute he decided he wasn't ready but this week we think he will go for it.  Other then that we are also finally having investigators come to church though they are few and far between and not nearly as many as say they would.  Sometimes I wish people would just say no if they really don't want to accept the Gospel but I think the people of Brazil aren't very good at saying no.  That is just kind of the way they are. Which means that a lot of people just invite us in after just talking to them in front of their house which is awesome, but kind of crazy when you think about it.  

The week went pretty good.  The language is still difficult but I am able to understand basically what people are talking about, if not exactly what they are saying about it, which is a step in the right direction.  It is still hard but I suppose no one said a mission wasn't.  

I love you all!  

Elder Russell 

Elder Russell and Elder Hedworth in the MTC

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