Monday, January 19, 2015


So transfers happened this week and I am staying in Franca and my companion as well.  That is exciting because we have lots of exciting stuff happening this transfer which will be announced more as it happens.
But this week’s email will be a topical one.  This week I will talk about the word "Trunky.”  “Trunky” is a word used by missionaries.  It describes a state of constantly thinking about home or in some way or another being preoccupied with things at home.  I will firstly state that probably some baseline level of “trunky” is healthy in a missionary.  After all, our families are still ours, so we should think about them at least long enough to write them emails.  But “Trunkiness” is a very dangerous state for a missionary to be.  Thoughts about girlfriends are particularly dangerous and at times completely debilitating.  I have included some pictures of “Trunky” for you all.  These are the three other missionaries who live with me. Or I should say lived; one of them was transferred today. The first photo is each with a picture of his fiancé and the other is each with his engagement ring.  They all display different levels of “Trunky.”  One of them would only talk about home, his fiancé, and... that is about it.  It is funny what we put ourselves through as missionaries.  We could always just forget about these things but so many choose to suffer. 

It is also funny the slang we have as missionaries between ourselves.  Perhaps in the future I will write about more of it.  
But y'all have a good week.  I sure did.  I love you all!

Elder Russell

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