Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting Smarter

          So this week we knocked on a lot of doors and talked to a lot of people but really didn't see a whole lot of success.  My companion and I have decided that we are being rather stupid and need to work smarter.  So we have decided to try and work with members more and stop head-butting a wall (knocking on doors).  We have already had a bit of success with that.  This weekend we received three references from members.  That means that we had three members that told us to go and talk to someone they know which is really quite good progress.  I am hoping we can stop being stupid this week and work a bit harder, but mostly a lot smarter.  
          Other than that I am fine.  This week has been rather hot for Franca which really isn't that bad in comparison with other cities in the mission. You become accustomed to the climate and you begin to complain a lot it seems.  Everyone loves to complain about the heat.  It is one of Brazil's national pastimes. I don't mean that as a negative comment; it’s good the country has one more thing to unite them.  It’s nice to always have something to start conversations with people in the street.  If all else fails, just say, "It’s hot today isn't it?" And you have made a friend.
          You asked about "Meet the Mormons." I have heard about the film from a few of my friends who are serving in the U.S., but the film wasn't even released here.  Sometimes I feel like all the new initiatives that the Church is trying to do with missionary work are just in the US. All this stuff about social networks, films and all that bagulho [junk] has not arrived here.  I feel like missionary work is still in about 2005.  But I am sure it will arrive here some day.
          Germina wasn't baptized this Saturday because she feels like she is not ready yet We are still working with her. She says she will be ready in February so we are working with that. 
          But I love you all!  I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Russell

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