Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Am A Grandpa!

Well I guess I will start off with the big news and go to the little ones after.  We had a baptism!  That was cool!  The younger brother of a recent convert in the ward decided that he too wanted to be baptized.  He is eight years old and his name is Victor.  We decided that he was serious about it when he came home from his dad's house early on the weekend just to go to church.  It is pretty hard to find an eight-year-old that will do that.  So even if it is difficult for him to remember what Joseph Smith did and for him to read the Book of Mormon, he has definitely felt something in the church because he is always there for almost a month now.  

On to other news. My other companion was transferred.  Everybody knew it would happen since he was the one that was training me in the office.  So basically as soon as I got here, everybody knew that he would be transferred.  It was sad to see him go but it is nice to not be in a trio anymore.  It is always a little awkward.  My companion that is staying, at least for a little bit, is Elder Aragão.  He is from Fortaleza in the Northeast of Brazil.  There is a temple being built in his home town which is cool but it probably won't be done by the time he gets back since he is going home in September one transfer before me.  
It is pretty crazy to think about how the time is passing.  I guess I will inform you all of some realities.  It looks like I will be going home on October 26th.  Since making travel arrangements for missionaries who are going home is one of my jobs, I know the exact date that everyone who will go home this year will go home and the approximate date of everyone who is in the mission.  The other reality is that since missionaries usually spend quite a bit of time in the mission office (since you have to train them and all), this is probably my last or second to last area.  It doesn't seem like it should be coming to a close but I guess you could say it is. 
 But don't worry, five transfers is still a lot of time to make a difference.  One day is enough time to make a difference.  I guess make a difference is a pretty cliche phrase.  I just want to help somebody.  If everybody just helped one other person every day, in theory everybody would get help.  But in reality some people would help the same people and some people wouldn't be helped at all, so we have to help more than one person every day because the more people everybody helps, the more likely it is that everybody is helped and everybody needs somebody.  
            I love you all and hope you have a good week.

Elder Russell

 My trainee is training this transfer. That means I am a grandpa. This is the three generation picture.

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