Monday, April 14, 2014

First Impressions

It’s pretty funny.  When I first got to Brazil the only thing I wanted to do was learn the language.  That was my biggest desire.  It was crazy for me to think that eventually learning the language would become a thing that was just in the background.  Well, it happened.  I am not saying I am fluent but I no longer fear that I won't be able to understand someone or that they won’t understand me.  I have begun to realize that there are things much more difficult about a mission than a language.  Not that it is a stinky experience, but nobody in their right mind will tell you a mission is easy.
This week was good.  Since our last baptism we have been having trouble getting anyone to come to church and then out of the blue, a person that we had talked to for probably 20 minutes, and didn't even give a whole lesson to, comes. I have learned that you can never count people out when it comes to missionary work.  We had four people who were saying Saturday night that they would be in church the next morning.  Of the four, this woman was the one who I personally thought was least likely to show up, but she was the only one who did.  You really have to be careful.  Sometimes, first impressions are completely and totally wrong.
I hope you all have a good week.  I love you all.

Elder Russell 

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