Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone,

The MTC is a cool place to be on Christmas.  Since my P-day is Tuesday and we are just having devotionals on Sunday pretty much, this is about as close to a weekend as I am going to have for a long time.  We are having General Authority devotionals both Christmas Eve night and Christmas day.  They don't tell who it is for security reasons so obviously rumors abound.  From one person or another you can basically hear that any of the Quorum of the Twelve or the First Presidency are coming; or if you talk to the right person, probably, that all of them are coming.  The most common rumored speakers are President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar, but there is no weight to these rumors in the slightest.  Whoever it is, the only good thing about being in Provo instead of Sao Paulo is that I get to go to the Christmas Devotional in person so the whole thing oughta be pretty cool.  

In other news there is no word on my visa.  No one in my district has received one and only two of the eleven in the district older (by older I mean been here longer) than us in our zone have there's.  But it seems to be hit and miss.  Out of the two districts that entered with Elder Hayden Hedworth, an elder from my home ward also going to Brazil, seven got their visas immediately.  But I have a better chance than many in my district.  Elder Stotts and Elder Mitchell have both not even completed their paperwork for their visas so I have a better chance than some I guess. 

Overall the MTC is simply the MTC.  We practice and learn and things go on faster and slower than you would ever think they could at the same time.  This is a nice place but I hope I leave on time.  Six weeks is enough.  I can't wait to actually be a missionary in the field, whether in Ribeirao Preto or visa waiting in the US.  Teaching people the gospel is all I really want to do right now.  Plus since I have had to do it entirely in Portuguese while I am here, I can't help but think it will be super easy in English if I visa wait. But I know that is just me being a bit prideful.  But either way I love you all! Feliz Natal. 

My Companion, Elder Mendoza, and I

This is the whole district.  From right to left:  Elders Booth, Mitchell, Stotts, Buchele, Voorheis, Wilson, Russell, Mendoza.

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