Saturday, May 30, 2015


So this week was full of travel and travel preparations.  Our mission has begun its next cycle of zone conferences. This is when the mission president goes and has a meeting with all the missionaries in their respective cities or close to them.  This time there will be four zone conferences spaced around during the month. The first one was yesterday so I got to return to Rio Preto where I spent quite a lot of time in the beginning of my mission.  I never actually served there but I served in cities that were in the same stake, so I was always there for meetings and stuff.  I have worked in almost all the wards in the city at least for one day and a majority of the cities that are in the stake.  I have slept in all of the missionary houses that have elders and one that now has sisters (because it used to have elders).  I guess maybe it seems like I am bragging but I am just saying that it was nice to go back.  
I announced all the stuff that I needed to tell the missionaries before the mission president talked and then I helped organize the stuff for lunch.  I actually got to change a bit of stuff for the better in the mission and announce the stuff that I had always wanted to change.  The things I changed were all clerical but it was still cool.  It is nice to actually make a difference.  
We also traveled today to a little town because my companion had to do an interview there.  It was rather picturesque but was not easy to get to by bus so we ended up travelling almost the whole day and lost our p-day but the interview was done and we got to see the sights a bit.  It reminded me of the times when I have worked in really small cities.  So it was nostalgia week.  
I hope you all have a good week.  I love you all!

Elder Russell 

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